Ceva Animal Health, LLC

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Ceva Animal Health has been recognized as the fastest growing Top 10 veterinary health company. Currently the sixth largest animal health company in the world, our goal is to be the first independent player to reach the top 5 by the year 2020. Ceva offers a growing line of products to meet the health needs of companion animals, poultry, and swine. Our expertise centers on the two fields of pharmacology and biology, where we have dedicated teams that aim to meet the specific demands of each species. We have operations in 42 countries, 13 research and development centers, 21 production sites and over 4,000 employees worldwide. The company’s North American headquarters are located in Lenexa, Kansas. To learn more visit www.ceva.us. The global headquarters is located in Libourne, France.

Our Vision

Together, we are building a new reference to create value beyond animal health. So what does ‘Together, beyond animal health’ really mean? For Ceva, it’s a three-fold commitment to help: Feeding a growing population The world’s not getting any smaller, so ensuring people get good, safe food is vital. Right now, we don’t all have access to sufficient animal protein. So sustainable, intensive agriculture will only become more important if we’re going to be able to feed nine billion people by 2050. That’s why we’re partnering with the producers of animal protein to find more efficient ways of rearing that also minimize animal stress. Preventing zoonoses As we all become more mobile, the potential for serious pandemics rises – which is why we’re dedicated to combating zoonoses that carry the threat. Our products and services, both existing and the ones we’re yet to invent, will help public health authorities to protect the health of humans and animals. Nurturing the human and animal bond The more urbanized we become the more important animals are in our lives. Their companionship offers immeasurable comfort and emotional support –and real benefits for our health and wellbeing. As our cities grow, so will the role of veterinarians in educating people how to live in harmony with their pets. It is a big vision. We know we can’t achieve it alone. So we extend our challenge to the world at large – because only by working with other health professionals will we meet the future demands of world health.

Job Openings

PositionLocationDate Posted
International Customer Service and Export coordinator Kansas City, Ks9/15/17
R&d Technician I Kansas City, Ks9/18/17
International Customer Service and Export coordinator Kansas City, Ks9/15/17
Supply Chain Analyst Kansas City, Ks9/8/17
Labeling Specialist International Zone Regulatory Affairs Kansas City, Ks9/11/17
R&d Technician I Kansas City, Ks9/18/17
Territory Manager Syracuse, Ny9/22/17
Hse Specialist Kansas City, Ks8/23/17
Director, Global Industrialization & Process Improvement Kansas City, Ks9/10/17
Manager, Companion Animal Veterinary Services Kansas City, Ks9/4/17
Export & Customer Service Representative Kansas City, Mo9/21/17
Virus Bioreactor Technician I Kansas City, Ks7/7/17
Manufacturing Operator I - Licensed Bacterins Kansas City, Ks8/28/17
Maintenance Technician Ii Kansas City, Ks8/25/17
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Our values

We believe customer passion must shape each solution and the way we work around each customer’s business ambitions, needs and challenges. We build strong, long-term relationships and work as partners, innovating and developing new solutions together. Our entrepreneurial spirit empowers individuals with the agility to deliver results faster and quicker. We are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve goals. We think and do things differently, creatively. All to find the best possible solutions for our customers. Solidarity is about teamwork. Our shared purpose is to combat the world’s major animal health challenges. We give individuals space to make decisions and we respect each other’s work. This extends into our customers’ worlds where we foster open, collaborative relationships. Our innovation mindset keeps us focused on the highest quality and continuous improvement. It’s not just about product innovation but constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to create long-term value – for us and for our customers.


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